Dynamics of Chinese Economy

Course ID: SH17020110246EUC02
Discipline: Economics/Development Economics
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Economics
Lecture Hours & Credits: 60 leture hours/3 credits
Project year: 2014

School of Economics


Prof. Qi Zhang Professor Qi Zhang receives Ph.D. in Political Science at Northwestern University, USA in 2010. He received another Ph.D. in Economics at Peking University in 2002. He has published more than 40 academic papers in peered review journals and 1 book in both Chinese and English. His research interests are primarily political economy of China, especially the impact of elite politics on economic growth and resource allocations.


This course aims to provide international students with an understanding of the features of Chinese economy, both before and after 1978, when the economic reform was officially launched. It is to cultivate the analytical capacity of students to analyze the origin, status quo, and future of Chinese economic growth since 1949.


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the economic development of the People’s Republic of China. It also provides a cursory examination of the key issues confronting the incumbent government. The first part of the course will introduce students to China's economy since 1949 until present. The middle part of this course will examine some prominent features of the Chinese economy, including both its formal and informal aspects. Finally, several key economic issues in the reform era will be examined. The prospect of the economy in the foreseeable future will be discussed too. Module 1 Introduction Module 2 Economic development between 1949 and 1978 Module 3 Agricultural reform and rural sector in post-1978 era Module 4 Fiscal institutions and fiscal policy Module 5 Financial institutions and financial sector Module 6 State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) and SOE reform Module 7 Private Sector and private entrepreneurs Module 8 Governance and Income inequality

Textbooks and Reference Books

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