International Settlement

Course ID: SH17020110280EDC01
Discipline: Economics/International Trade
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Microeconomics
Lecture Hours & Credits: 40 leture hours/4 credits
Project year: 2015

School of Economics


Ms.YANG Ling(杨玲),Associate Professor of Economic School in Shanghai University. She holds a PhD degree from Shanghai University Economic &Finance and Master’s Degree from Lanzhou University. She is mainly interested in international trade, international marketing and service trade etc. She is the author of Advanced manufacturing transformation(2014), The US finance crisis inspiration to producer service development(2011) and almost 40 academic papers. Funded by China Scholarship Council, she visited Claremont Graduate University in 2008-2009 and Harvard University in 2015-2016. She mainly teaches courses on international trade, international settlement, international marketing, service economics and trade.


This course aims to enhance students’ understanding of international payments and settlements and to increase the students’ ability to conduct international banking practices. The students could study the advantages as well as the risks involved in using these payments methods. By the end of this course, a successful learner will be able to master international trade documentation; rules and regulations to understand different types of letter of credit and their usages in practices; principles of draft, remittance, collection;principles of International guarantee and factoring and International non-trade settlement,risks and control , the latest development of international finance.


This course covers 9 aspects and the specific contents are as the following :Module 1: International settlement introduction. Module 2: International settlement instrument. Module 3: International settlement documents. Module 4: International settlement documents. Module 5: International settlement—remittance and collection. Module 6: International settlement—letter of credit. Module 7: International settlement—International Guarantee and Factoring. Module 8: International Non-Trade settlement .Module 9:International settlement risks and control

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