International Business Management

Course ID: SH17020110280EDC03
Discipline: Economics/International Trade
Registration recommendations: International graduate students
Prerequisites: International Trade
Lecture Hours & Credits: 40 leture hours/4 credits
Project year: 2015

School of Economics


Cheng Ming. Associate professor, Shanghai University. He got his MBA degreee of Latrobe University, Australia. HIs main fields of research and teaching include the theory and policy of international trade, import and export practice, as well as international business management. Prof. Cheng once worked in Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Canada in 1987 as a visiting scholar. He also once worked for several Chinese foreign trade companies as well as the administrative department of the university with experiences of international trade, corporate management and administrative management.


Main purpose of the course of International Business Management is to help the students to expand their knowledge of the different business environments around world, and more importantly to understand the way of management of international business in a range of organizations in practical business tasks, such as preparing business plans, undertaking negotiations and giving presentations. This course has two primary objectives. The first objective is to provide students with an understanding of the international business environment. The second objective is to provide a context in which students can continue to develop their general business skills, such as environment analysis, strategic decision-making, and so on.


This course is composed of the following parts: introductioon; differences in political, legal and technological environments; ethics and CSR; differences in culture; strategic formulation and implementation; entry into the foreign markets and organizational structures; decision-making and controlling of MNCs; incentives system across culture; leadership across culture; international human resources management, etc.

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