China’s Social Security System and Its Reform

Course ID: SH17020210246EDC01
Discipline: Economics/Labor Economics
Registration recommendations: Masters
Lecture Hours & Credits: 36 leture hours/2 credits
Project year: 2013

School of Economics


Chun DING, Professor, Dr. of Economics, director of Centre for European Studies and Dutch Study Centre, Fudan University, EU Jean Monnet Chair. Meanwhile, he holds positions including director of Centre for China-EU People-to-People Exchange Studies of Chinese Ministry of Education, the Vice President of Chinese Association of European Studies, Chinese Society for EU Studies, Routine Councilor of Chinese Society of World Economics, Vice President of World Social Security Studies Branch under Chinese Association of Social Security Studies. His research and teaching fields include European integration, European economy, and social welfare issues etc. His academic monograph A Empirical Comparison on Main Models of Health Care Systems in the World and article The Performance, Cause and Reform of European Social Security System in the Context of the Sovereign Debt Crisis were awarded the second-class prize of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Accomplishment.


Through "China's social security system and its reform" course, international master students can have an understanding of the basic concepts of the social security system, relevant theories and the development, problems, reform as well as the trends of the social security systems in the world. Meanwhile, the course will focus on analysis of China's social insurance schemes (pension, health care, unemployment, work related injury and maternity), social welfare, social relief, and special care and placement, anti-poverty and other institutional arrangements and practices, which can make students understand the establishment, development, reform and reconstruction of Chinese urban and rural social security system.


This course introduces the general situation, evolution, reform, existing problems, and the prospects of China's social security system. The detailed contents are as follows: Concepts, theories, models and practices of the social security system; Overview of the development of China's social security system; Traditional social security system under planned economy era; The reform approach of the social security system during Economic reform era; Reconstruction of social security system; China's social insurance schemes, includes Old-age insurance, Medical Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Work related Insurance, Maternity Insurance; Housing security; Social Welfare; Social Relief; Special care and placement; Social security system in rural China; Anti-poverty policy and its practice; Chinese social security system, economic development and social transformation; Problems of China's social security system and its reform; Institutional issues in the reconstruction and improvement of China's social security system.

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