Business Negotiation

Course ID: SH17020210252EDC01
Discipline: Economics/International Trade
Registration recommendations: International and Chinesed undergraduate students
Prerequisites: International Trade Practice
Lecture Hours & Credits: 32 leture hours/2 credits
Project year: 2015

College of Foreign Languages


Liu Yuan, lecturer,, works in Business & Commerce Team, College of Foreign Languages, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. She got her MA of English Language and Literature in 2001, and got First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (Pass with Distinction), Issued by LCCI, London in 2014. She furthered her study of English Teaching as a Visiting scholar in University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA,2009-2010 and in University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, 2015. She has taught Business English for many years. She teaches Business Negotiation, International Trade Practice, Business Translation, and Cross-cultural Business Communication and so on. She published research papers on business English teaching. She was awarded prizes several times for her outstanding teaching.


The main goal for this course is to meet the students’ needs of being capable of future business negotiation work. Specifically, after learning this course, the students will be able to: 1. identify and acquire theories, models and processes of business negotiation and international trade; 2. analyze cases and simulate business negotiation by exercising the theory and tactics; 3. establish cross-cultural competence in intercultural negotiations; 4. practice teams decision making, group presentations, business writing and conversational skills.


This course focuses on the theories and practice of international business negotiation and international trade. The course provides participants with the opportunity to engage in discussions, simulations and case studies related to the challenges and affordances presented by these skills and strategies. The topics include Principles of Business Negotiation,Modules of Business Negotiation, Phases of Business Negotiation, Strategies & Tactics of Business Negotiation, Types of Business Negotiation, Etiquette in Business Negotiation, Cross-cultural Negotiation

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