Applied Statistics

Course ID: SH17020210264EDC01
Discipline: Economics/International Business
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Probability
Lecture Hours & Credits: 48 leture hours/3 credits
Project year: 2015

College of Economics & Management


ZHANG Zhenyu, Assistant professor, got her Ph.Doctoral degree in Agricultural economics from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2009. She had worked at Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Science for two years, mainly on examining the relationship between carbon emission from agricultural activity and agricultural economic development. Dr. Zhang joined Shanghai Ocean University In 2012,and starts to teach applied statistics in English for undergraduate students. Her research interests include industrial organization and environmental economics on the relationship between agricultural economics and agricultural environment. Since 2013, Dr. Zhang has participated in the research project on Chinese mitten crab of Shanghai Agricultural Techonlogy & Industrialization System, and responsible for the industrial economics analysis.


The principles of statistics, statistical methods and computation of major indicators will be introduced through in-class lectures, case studies and group discussions.. The course is designed to help students understand the statistical concepts and develop statistical analysis skills. Students will learn how to:1. Collect data and Design survey. 2. Investigate the social phenomenon and economic activity using statistical methods. 3. Provide reliable prediction and decision rule based on statistical results.


8 chapters in total will be lectured into 22 units. Introduction to statistics principle, Data type, Data organization, Descriptive statistics (measures for central tendency, deviation and position), Central limited theory and its application, Sample staitstics and its distribution, Sampling error, Normal approximation for binomial distribution, Confidence Interval Estimation (confidence interval for population mean using large sample, CI for population mean using small sample, CI for population proportion) , Hypothesis test (test on population mean using large sample, test on population mean using small sample, test on population proportion), Correlation analysis, Simple linear regression, ANOVA and Independent test.

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