Financial Services Marketing

Course ID: SH17020210270EDC02
Discipline: Economics/Finance
Registration recommendations: International students
Prerequisites: Finance
Lecture Hours & Credits: 48 leture hours/3 credits
Project year: 2015

Business School


Graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a doctor degree in Economics in 2011,Ms. Yang Baohua,associate professor,has been teaching at business college of Shanghai Normal University. She once taught on an international program at Université blaise pascal : Clermont ferrand II in France and worked at Weber State University in the US as a visiting scholar and guest professor, respectively. She has been giving lectures to international students for over 10 years. She has published one monograph and several academic papers. She also accomplished some research projects. The honors she once got include but not limit to Excellent Young Teacher at SHNU, Excellence in Teaching etc.


The main objectives of this course are to enhance international students’ knowledge in financial services marketing and improve their ability to assess market opportunities and make marketing strategies by analyzing the macro-environment and market competition of a financial services provider. The students should be able to conduct customer relationship management and to better understand industry regulation, business ethics, and corporate governance of financial services industry. The knowledge and skills acquired in the course will enable students to be qualified for jobs in financial services marketing field.


The course comprises four modules on financial services marketing. (1) Marketing environment analysis, including macro-environment analysis based on PEST framework and competition environment analysis based on five forces theory. (2) STP strategies, including segmentation, targeting and positioning. (3) Marketing mix, 7ps, including product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence. (4) CRM, managing customer relationship to improve customer satisfaction and maximize customer value, and then increase the profit of financial services providers. Practical marketing cases are provided to help international students know Chinese market better, such as new rules and regulations for foreign investors in banking, insurance and securities sectors, integrated product innovation of Taikang Retirement Community, mobile payment led by Alipay and WeChat pay and so on.

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