International Finance

Course ID: SH17020211047EUC01
Discipline: Economics/Finance
Registration recommendations: Foreign Students, Domestic BA degree Students
Prerequisites: Finance, Micro Economics, Macro Economics
Lecture Hours & Credits: 51 leture hours/3 credits
Project year: 2014

School of Finance


Yao Dike, associate professor, got his Master’s Degree in Economics from Minnesota State University, U.S.A. in 1995. USA. He used to work in a foreign bank and has rich experiences in banking. After returned to China in 2007, he began to teach international finance and other courses in English. Mr. Yao’s main research area includes exchange rate theories, banking system and banking risk management. He has published several research papers in some magazines in the last ten years.


The specific objectives of this course are to let the students: ? Know the basic principles of international finance ? Acquire a good understanding of the international balance of payments ? Understand the elements of international monetary system and its importance to international trade and finance ? Have a general idea of the mechanism of foreign exchange market ? Understand the determination of foreign exchange rates and techniques to forecast the foreign exchange rates ? Know the framework and functions of the international financial market ? Understanding the main theories of balance of payments adjustment ? Know the policies under the fixed and floating exchange rate system


Balance of payments, Foreign exchange market, International monetary system, Exchange rate theory, Foreign exchange derivatives market, Theory of balance of payments etc.

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