Global Investments

Course ID: SH17020212044EDC02
Discipline: Economics/Investments
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Economics
Lecture Hours & Credits: 32 leture hours/2 credits
Project year: 2015

School of Economics and Management


Xu Li, got her bachelor degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2004. Then she worked in Sinopec SHENGLI oil field branch International department. After enrolled in the PhD. Program of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, she visited Claremont Graduate University as a visiting scholar for one year, majored in International Finance. Then got her PhD. Degree from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Her research interests mainly focus on International Trade and Investment, FDI spillover effect and technological innovation. Several papers and two books were published. In 2016, she was nominated as the outstanding young staff of Shanghai Polytechnic University. She also passed the CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) level 1 test.


This course has one overarching objective: to master the general framework of global investment; a framework that highlights the fundamentals. The students’ objectives should include the following: Knowledge: Understanding of major topics in portfolio management, and how they are affected in international financial environments by foreign exchange markets, behavior of exchange rates, and foreign exchange exposure in a global context. Skills: Analytical and computational skills necessary to face the challenges in the world of global investment – using mathematical and statistical formulas. Application Abilities: Identify opportunities and professionally manage stock portfolios; understand the impacts of macroeconomic factors on portfolios; understand main financial models for risk management; identification and optimal management of international risks; use parity relationships and for forecasting exchange rates; manage international cash flows.


This is a course for undergraduates. The contents are ideal for Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) candidates and students who want to go into global finance in the future. It will deliver the candidate body of knowledge for professionals working in the investment area. The level is accessible to learners and portfolio managers without specific training in advance. This course is a transformation from the normal domestic investment stage to the global investment market. But it doesn’t presume any prerequisite except the basic Intro Finance. The class will have a philosophical under-pinning, but at the same time it will also be focused on details. The contents will be divided into three parts: Part one includes the basics for investors. It’s about foreign exchange rate, parity relations and forecasting. These are the tools for traders and investors. Part two explores the various assets available for international investing. The international Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and the case for diversification lay the foundation for the theoretical principles. The normal form of the related theories won’t be discussed and the empirical evidence will be shown in figures and charts. The left part of this course continues with techniques, perspective of global investment and portfolio management. For the risk managers in the global field, it’s about swaps, options and futures. These forms the international process and the managing side is supported by the performance attribution, currency management and hedging.

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