Citizenship Education Seminar

Course ID: SH17030110247EUC01
Discipline: Law/Ideological and political Education
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis
Lecture Hours & Credits: 36 leture hours/2 credits
Project year:

Marxism School


Xue Nianwen, professor, got her history Doctor of Fudan University in 2004, Professor in Marxism school, Tongji University. She went to Chinese Study Center in University of Carlifornia Berkeley for visiting scholar for one year. She goes in for teaching work of Citizenship Education for more than 10 years, especially in English lecture. Her research interests mainly focus on Marxism Study oversea. 20 CSCI research papers have been published in China.


This course is designed to help students develop analysis skills and acquire knowledge about the implications of comparative and international education research for Citizenship education. In the context of building a community of human destinies Marxism theory and thought political education will enhance master student’s International vision. Mastering the latest research trends in foreign countries Students enrich their knowledge of Western Marx theory to train postgraduates with strong academic exchange skills in the world. . Exchanges and discussions with foreign scholars on civic education, the development of foreign Marx doctrine, and the issue of ecological civilization. Master the research situation of Ideological and moral education abroad and the latest achievements of Marx studies abroad. In combination with discipline construction, we should attach importance to introducing the latest concepts of foreign related education in teaching deepen the inherent theoretical depth and increase students' interest in research.


Introduction to Citizenship Education, Basic definition of Citizen, Basic definition of Citizenship Education, Citizen and Citizenship, The education concept of the main citizens in the West, Globalization, civic education, civic virtues crisis and Countermeasures; The theoretical connotation of civic education and the theme of civic education; Patriotism and the cultivation of civic virtues; Constitution and civic education; international vision of civic education; Confucian ethics and civic education; corporate citizenship education; comparative study on the humanistic quality of Chinese and foreign citizens.

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