Operations Research

Course ID: SH17120110280EDC01
Discipline: Management/Management Science
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Linear Algebra
Lecture Hours & Credits: 40 leture hours/4 credits
Project year: 2015

School of Management


FEI Hongying, Associate Professor at the School of Management, Shanghai University. She holds a joint-supervised PhD degree on both Management Science from Catholic University of Mons (UCL Mons, Belgium) and Systems Optimization and Security from University of Technology of Troyes (UTT, France). She had been working in University of Mons, Belgium, for post-doctoral research for about two years. She is mainly interested in Operations Research and Operations Management and her study results in one book and over 20 academic papers, including 9 SCI papers. She has given lectures for both undergraduate and graduate students on various topics such as Operations Research, Operations Management, Logistics Transportation & Distribution, and Management etc.


This module aims to introduce students to use quantitative methods and techniques for effective decisions-making and grasp model formulation and applications that are used in solving business decision problems. By the end of semester the student should be able: 1) To appropriately formulate quantitative model for operational research problem raised from the real world; 2) To apply operations research techniques and computer packages to solve operations research problems; 3) To understand and apply the results to improve management decision making process.


Operations research helps in solving problems in different environments that needs decisions. The module covers topics that include: linear programming, Transportation and Assignment Problem, Network Optimization Models, Game Theory and Decision Theory. Analytic technique and computer packages will be used to solve problems facing business managers in decision environments. Furthermore, students are required to complete project oriented homework to learn how to solve real problems occurred in practice with techniques learned in this course.

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