Energy and the Environment

Course ID: SHFDEN020130825008
Discipline: Engineering/Environmental Science
Registration recommendations: all undergraduate students without limit on major
Prerequisites: None
Lecture Hours & Credits: 36 leture hours/2 credits
Project year: 2013

Department of Environmental Scienceand Engineering


Prof. Dr. Yang, Xin /Dr. Chen, Hong Dr. Yang is a full time professor in the Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, Fudan University. He received his PhD degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior to joining Fudan in 2006, he worked as a research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA. He was awarded as “Yangtze River Scholar” by Ministry of Education of China in 2006. Dr. Yang’s research interests include the structure of micro-solvated complex anions and their interface behavior; physical and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosol; urban air quality; atmospheric chemistry and its impact on global climate. He has published over 90 peer review papers. Dr. Chen received his PhD degree from Xiamen University. He has been a post-doctor in University of Delaware in US for 2 years. His research interests are focus on the new method and new technology applied in environmental science. He has published over 30 SCI papers.


This course aims to provide an interdisciplinary introduction to the principles of energy, air pollution, globe climate change that help students understand the importance of various natural processes and human activities that shape the modern Earth and lead to global environmental change. We will also discuss the energy crisis, alternative energy, the promising of nuclear energy, the air pollution of different energy source, and the global change they affected and the scientific bases for global change assessment and policy measures. Students will be exposed to the primary scientific literatures and scientific presentations. By the end of this class, the students should have a image of the energy, environment and the global affects that they take and are encouraged to find the proper way to solve those problems by themselves.


Course Schedule: 01.Energy Fundamentals, Energy Use in an Industrial Society 02. The Fossil Fuels 03. Heat Engines 04.Renewable Energy Sources I: Solar Energy 05.Renewable Energy Sources II: Hydroelectricity and Wind Power 06.Renewable Energy Sources III: Alternatives 07. The Promise and Problems of Nuclear Energy 08.Energy Conservation, energy intensity and energy efficiency 09. Air Pollution I Gas Phrase, Particle and Acid Rain 10. Global Effects 11.Panel discussion/ Presentation

Textbooks and Reference Books

Textbook: Energy and the Environment, Robert A. Ristinen and Jack J. Kraushaar John wiley & Sonset al., Edition 2nd, 2006 Recommended Reading: Roger A. Hinrichs Energy: Its Use and the Environment, Cengage Learning 2012 Richard Wolfson, Energy, Environment, and Climate W. W. Norton & Company, 2011, Climate Change 2013 Synthesis Report Energy Futures and Urban Air Pollution Challenges for China and the Unites States, National Academy of Science, 2007

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