Course ID: SHFDEN020131002005
Discipline: Medicine/Clinical Medicine
Registration recommendations: International medical student
Prerequisites: Basic medicine
Lecture Hours & Credits: 64 leture hours/5 credits
Project year: 2013

School of Medicine


Prof. Huang Guoying born in 1962, MD / Professor / tutor, President of Children's Hospital of Fudan University, Director of the Institute of Pediatrics, Director of the Department of Pediatrics of Fudan University. Secretary-General of Chinese Academy of Pediatrics Committee, Cardiology deputy leader, deputy director of the China Pediatrician Branch. As deputy editor / editorial board for 4 English journals such as Chin Med J et and 10 Chinese academic Journal. He has more than 30 studies for "973" project and Natural Science Foundation of China; published more than 300 papers (SCI included the full text 79). Awarded the first prize of “Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award”, second prize of “Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award”, second prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology, second prize of “Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award”, Song Qingling pediatric medicine prize, the first prize of “Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award”.


This course is designed to let students to have an intimate knowledge of law of development, diagnosis, management and prevention of diseases during infants, children and adolescent and the differences to adults.


Pediatrics involves respiratory, circulation, gastroenterology, urinary, rheumatology, hematology, neurology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, as well as children’s health care, growth and development, neonatal diseases, critical diseases, pediatric acute abdomen, congenital malformation, immune deficiency, mental health, adolescent medicine etc. The course is designed as two parts, classroom teaching and bedside clinical teaching. And the bedside clinical teaching is based on the typical clinical cases, due to teaching students the clinical thinking of pediatrics.

Textbooks and Reference Books

1.Wang Weiping ed. Pediatrics. Higher Education Press, 2004 (Chinese) 2.Wang Weiping, Zhu Jianxin ed. Textbook of Pediatrics. People’s Health Publishing House, 2007 (English) 3. Elsevier Medicine. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, 19th edition., 2011.(English)

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