Tourism Market Studies

Course ID: SHFDEN020131209011
Discipline: Management/Tourism Management
Registration recommendations: International undergraduate students
Prerequisites: Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality Management
Lecture Hours & Credits: 36 leture hours/2 credits
Project year: 2013

Tourism Management


Prof. Guo Ying-Zhi Professor GUO Ying-Zhi received Ph.D. in Human Geography Science in 1999 in Chinese Academies of Sciences, finished the post-doctor in business administration post-doctor station at Fudan University in 2001. Her research mainly focused in tourism market, MICE market and tourism behavior studies. She had published more than 100 academic papers in peered review journals and international conferences, 4 books (one as the individual author), and 2 textbooks in national and provincial level. Prof. Guo had visited USA, Germany and Korea as visiting scholar including Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, San Francisco State University as Fulbright Scholar. Prof. Guo teaches tourism market in English for Fudan undergraduate, graduate, MTA, visiting scholars and exchange students from the US and Europe as well.


Rapid development of China tourism market has attracted much international attention. This course aims to provide international students with an understanding of how the Chinese tourism market originated, developed and changed while the Chinese characteristics, and challenges and regulations as well as the effects and impacts of global economic, social and environmental development. It aims to train the students to be international competitive, general and master talents to understand the domestic and international tourism demand and decision making so as to do contribution for development and science decision for international tourism market.


The course systematically introduces the changes and developments of China inbound, domestic, and outbound tourism market since the opening reformation in 1978 with the clues of development features and source characters of China tourism market. The professor will explain the cases theories and practices relating to Chinese and international tourism behaviors and expenditures, as well as the comparison between international and domestic tourism market on the base of different economic, cultural, economic and social environment. The aim of this course is to teach students how to make scientific decisions for Chinese and international tourism management marketing and strategies from the view of senior managers of tourism enterprises and senior official of tourism government administrations such as CEO and CMO as well as presidents. Module 1 The Outbound Tourism Market Module 2 The Domestic Tourism Market Module 3 The Inbound Tourism Market Module 4 The Tourism Market Positioning Module 5 The Tourism Market Motivation Module 6 The Tourism Expenditure Behaviors Module 7 The Tourism MICE Market Module 8 The Tourism Resources Market Module 9 The Special Tourism Market

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