China Financial System

Course ID: SHFDEN020140201007
Discipline: Economics/Finance
Registration recommendations: International graduation students
Prerequisites: Economics
Lecture Hours & Credits: 54 leture hours/3 credits
Project year: 2014

School of Economics


Professor YIN Xing-min Professor YIN Xing-min received his Ph.D from the University of Sussex, the United Kingdom (1994). His main research fields cover financial economics, monetary economics and international economics.


It provides the understanding of China’s financial development and examines the role of financial system in supporting the growth of its economy, and further explores the direction of its financial development.


The course is composed of fifteen topics that will be discussed in the consideration of different subjects and levels of international students in the class. The main modules are as follows: Module 1 Theoretical Analysis of Financial System Module 2 Overview of China’s Financial System Module 3 Financial Markets: Basic Concepts Module 4 Capital Market Development Module 5 Capital Market Reform: Shareholder Protection and others Module 6 China’s Bond Market Module 7 The Mortgage Market Module 8 An Economic Analysis of Banking Structure Module 9 Banking Industry: Structure and Competition Module 10 Non-banking Financial Institutions Module 11 Analysis of Financial Regulations Module 12 Central Banking and the Conduct of Monetary Policy Module 13 Conduct of Monetary Policy: Goals and Targets Module 14 International capital Flow and RMB Policy Module 15 Financial Development and Economic Growth

Textbooks and Reference Books

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