Chinas Reform and Opening-up

Course ID: SHFDEN020140201008
Discipline: Economics/Economics
Registration recommendations: International graduate students
Prerequisites: Microeconomics; Applied Econometrics
Lecture Hours & Credits: 36 leture hours/2 credits
Project year: 2014

School of Economics


Associate Prof. ZHANG Yan ZHANG Yan is an Associate Professor at School of Economics and China Center for Economic Studies in Fudan University. She held her Ph.D. in Guanghua School of Management, Beijing University (2004). Her papers on fiscal decentralization won her the Mundell-Huang Prize and the annual excellent paper of China Economic Quarterly (in Chinese). Her research interests include fiscal decentralization, educational finance, economic growth, and Chinese economy. She was also a visiting scholar at Queen’s University of Canada and University of California, Berkeley.


This advanced course aims to give some institutional explanations to so-called China's Miracle from political, social, and economic aspects. It will also discuss current top issues and directions of future opening-up and reform. Students should understand the political and economic logic of China’s reform and opening-up since 1978. Ongoing reforms should also be known. Students should be familiar with at least 2 areas in China’s reform agenda.


Module I. China’s Miracle: The Economic, Political and Social foundations Week 1: Introduction: 35 years’ reforms and challenges Week 2: Driving Forces: centralization and official promotion systems in China Week 3: Social Structure and its Evolution Implication to China’s Growth Module II. Challenges for China's Economic Reform and Opening-up: Special Issues Week 4: C1--Local Debts, Land Finance, and Central-Local Relationship Week 5: C2--Urbanization, Industrialization, and Investment Dr.iving Force Week 6: C3--Private Enterprises, Financial Constraints, and Marketization Week 7: C4--Regional Partition, Urban-rural Partition, and Inequality Module III. Feasible Systems and Feasible Strategies for China's Sustainable Developments: Economic Reform and Opening-up in the Next Decade Week 8: Reconstruct the Central-local Relationship: Economic and Political Bases Week 9: Market, Government, and Public Services Provision in China Week 10: China and the World: Opening-door Policies and Globalization Week 11: Industrial Upgrading and Long-run Economic Growth in China Week 12: Conclusion: Reconstructing China’s Economic, Political, and Social Foundations

Textbooks and Reference Books

There is no required textbook. Reading materials are selected from top economics journals. Readings and lecture slides could be downloaded from EMA website: A public course mailbox is also set. Recommended References: Lu, Ming, Zhao Chen, Yongqin Wang, Yan Zhang, Yuan Zhang, and Changyuan Luo, China’s Economic Development: Institutions, Growth and Imbalances. Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2013.

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